In addition to all the private functions and weddings we work on, we're also available to attend live events.

2017 looks like being an even bigger year for us as we're already booked in to some of the major events throughout north Wales and the north west...be sure to keep an eye out for us!

Are you planning a public event in 2017? Would you like LensFlair to attend and add an extra dimension to the entertainment on offer? Click on the drop down menus below for further information.


We will create unique photographic gifts to ensure your guests take home a visual memory they will forever associate with your event. Take a look at our gallery section to see the types of backgrounds we created for events in 2016.

We create a number of background choices for each event we attend. If your event is themed we'll ensure that the backgrounds play on that theme and (if you wish) be branded with the logo and/or date[s] of your event.

Every photo we take is printed instantly as a high quality 6x4" print and placed inside a LensFlair branded protective photo folder. All photos taken at the event will also be uploaded onto our social media page as a taggable album, which will help to further spread the online exposure of your event for days afterwards.


We usually attend many live events throughout Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey free...yes that's right...FREE! We don't even raise a fee to design the backgrounds! However we will of course charge the general public a minimal free for each photo from the general public that attend the event.

We're more than happy to travel further afield if requested to do so, however we will need to factor in a charge for fuel costs and (if necessary) overnight costs depending on the distances travelled. Contact us for a personal quote.

If you're raising money for charity, we can also offer to assist by attending at no cost to you and donating a pre-agreed percentage of the earnings to the charity in question

We're keen to fit our setup around you and your event, as a result we're very flexible and can work indoors or outdoors in a variety of permutations.


Our indoor setup is very simple and incorporates only two elements, our stack system and green screen, our footprint usually takes up no more room than 2mx2m.

If you have a marquee onsite and would like us to setup in there that's also no problem, all we'd need is access to a 16A or 13A power outlet and we'll do the rest.

Indoor setup is quick and easy and takes a mere 20 mins from arrival to switch-on.


There is no reduction in quality if we're asked to work outside, many of the albums available to view on our social media site were taken in our gazebo whilst working outside in less than favourable conditions and, as can bee seen, they are indistinguishable from those taken indoors under perfect studio conditions. Click on the Facebook logo on the bottom left and have a look yourself!

Our outdoor setup takes up slightly more room, we have our own 3mx3m gazebo which we can bring on site. In situations where power is not immediately accessible on-site we can always run our systems off our own generator, however for noise level purposes we would always prefer access to power if possible, either 16A or 13A outlet piped into our gazebo or, if necessary, space for us to run our own cabling to an accessible power source.

All of the equipment we use is PAT tested and can provide copies of our public liability insurance and risk assessment[s] upon request.

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